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Message From Management

Message from Chairmen

Interior Design has been my passion for as long as I remember. Founding Rupayan Design  Studio Ltd provided me with the foundation not just to design and bring ideas into life but for  a responsible design.

I feel it is a duty to design responsibly considering the environment, the people, the culture  and the climate of the land. As a Interior Decoration and Furniture supplying firm we pride  ourselves not just with our long list of clients and friends trusting us with high profile projects  and investments but with conscious designs that has a view towards tomorrow with our young  and passionate team.

Sabrina Rashid

Chairman, RUPAYAN Design Studio Limited

Message from Director

Interior Designing and Internal Decoration is not just a job for us at Rupayan Design Studio Ltd.  It is our passion; it is what we love. We always strive to provide our customers a service on par  with international standards, with a world class range of products, because seeing a genuine  smile on our customers’ faces gives us immense satisfaction.

We are constantly studying the industry for new development keeping our knowledge up to  date with the latest trends and technologies.

Our own force, factory and machinery, enable us to provide all the services from A to Z, all  under one roof, which makes your life easier!

Mahir Ali Khan Ratul

Director, RUPAYAN Design Studio Limited

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